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You may search on any combination of nickname, formal name, email address, telephone number or extension. These search criteia can be either full or any part of the person's information you are looking for.
  • Searching for JE JON will find Jeff Jones, Jessy Jones, and Jon Jenson. It will also find Freddie Jonnson because her real first name is Jennifer.
  • Searching for 5345 will find everyone who's extension starts with those 4 numbers. Unless you\ve selected GCC only, It will also find the GWC Job placement FAX, whos number is 25345
  • Serching for mik htc will find all the Mikes in the High Tech Centers, but mar htc will not only find anyone named Mark in those buildings, it will find everyone in the HTCs because mar is also a part of everyone's email address.


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